Heller Appoints New U.S. President/CEO

Heller Group recently appointed Kenneth Goodin as the president and CEO of its U.S. office.

Heller Group has recently appointed Kenneth Goodin President and CEO of Heller US , upon the retirement of Keith Vandenkieboom.

Mr. Goodin joined the company in January 2018 as vice president of program management. He brings many years of experience in the machine tool industry, including the positions of global director at Apex Tool, and president and CEO at Dalian Ingersoll Machine Tools.

Manfred Maier, Heller Group COO at Heller GmbH, says, “The new appointment will assure a smooth transition and seamless continuation of company policies and operations in the NAFTA market.”

Mr. Maier also thanks Mr. Vandenkieboom for his service to the company over the past 12 years, including his leadership in diversifying the company’s customer base into other industries: “In North America, Heller has installed more than 1,000 machine tools in the last several years, and we intend to expand, maintain and grow our ability to fully support our customers and help them maximize the productivity of our solutions over the long term.”

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