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Troy, MI 48084 US

A Message from Heller Machine Tools

Company Profile

HELLER Machine Tools, based in Troy, Michigan, maintains a large state-of-the-art assembly facility and full sales, service and engineering staff to help you develop solutions to your powertrain manufacturing challenges.

Machining Centers for Production

    Heavy-Duty Machining Delivered   Heller’s MCH-C and F Series HMCs are designed for heavy-cutting, high precision, and high performance with  five-axis contouring.

Machining Centers for Production

HELLER machining centers provide power, precision and productivity for demanding applications in aerospace, automotive, off-road and diesel manufacturing with full 5-axis contouring or 5-axis positioning.Designed for heavy-duty cutting, the machines provide high torque and power and handle heavier table loads.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Heller Machine Tools Announces Two New Distributors
The two companies serve the New England and Arizona regions, respectively. 

Heller Machine Tools Wins General Motors 2017 Supplier of the Year Award
It’s the second consecutive year the machine tool manufacturer has received the award. 

Heller Expands Sales, Marketing Team
Peter Stackpoole, Steve Gugan, Marc St-Pierre and Dave Mondek are expected to focus on the growth of present core business and its expansion into other market segments.

Heller President and CEO Kenneth Goodin

Heller Appoints New U.S. President/CEO
Heller Group recently appointed Kenneth Goodin as the president and CEO of its U.S. office.

machining centers

May 2018 Product Spotlight: Machining Centers
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on a variety of vertical, horizontal and five-axis machining centers, some with dual spindles. 

Heller HF 5500 five-axis horizontal machining center

Five-Axis Machining Center Speeds Tool Changes, Shortens Idle Times
Heller has released the HF 5500 five-axis horizontal machining center equipped with pallet changer.

Stephen Pegram of Heller Machine Tools

Heller Hires New VP of Sales for North America
Stephen Pegram will use his experience in the machine tool industry to grow the company’s special machine tool business.

Five-axis horizontal machining center

Five-Axis HMCs Perform Complex Prismatic Machining
Heller Machine Tools introduces its HF series of five-axis horizontal machining centers for complex prismatic parts.

electric vehicle

Machining in the Era of the Electric Car
The COO of a machine tool builder that specializes in automotive production comments on the implications of greener transportation.

Heller FP 4000

Five-Axis HMC’s Thermal Stability Maintains Precision
Heller’s FP 4000 five-axis HMC provides twin drives in the Z axis for flexibility and high precision, particularly in tool and die or contract manufacturing.

Absolute Machine Tools You Ji YV-600E2T

April 2016 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Turning
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on machines for turning parts.

Heller CP 4000

HMC Performs Turning, Monitors for Precise Clamping
Heller’s CP 4000 horizontal machining centers accomplish horizontal, vertical and tilted turning using A and B axes with high dynamics and chip removal rates.

Enshu GE590H

December 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Machining Centers
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on machining centers.

Heller H series

Machining Center Can Hone Cylindrical Bores in Single Setup
Heller’s H-series machining center is said to reduce tooling and machine costs by machining cylindrical bores complete from raw part to precise, controllable tolerances in a single setup.

H 14000 HMC

Large-Capacity HMC Handles Tough Alloys in Efficient Configuration
Heller Machine Tools’ H 14000 large-capacity HMC is part of the four-axis H series horizontal machining centers.

Heller Cylinder Bore Coating (HBC) system

Automotive Cylinder Coating for High-Production Applications
Daimler’s Nanoslide cylinder bore coating technology can now be incorporated into an automated process for high-volume production.

Automotive Industry is Booming in Germany
Before heading off to Esslingen, Germany (near Stuttgart) to help Index celebrate its 100th anniversary, my publisher told me that the area is “the Detroit of Germany.” I soon found that to be an apt description as a large number of shops I visited were heavily vested in automotive manufacturing. What’s even more noteworthy is that business was booming.

Heller Celebrates 120 Years
The family-owned machine tool company has been led by four generations of the Heller family.

Heller H 4500 four-axis HMC

HMC Increases Energy Efficiency
The Heller H 4500 four-axis horizontal machining center is designed for increased energy efficiency and economical cutting capabilities within limited space.

Heller US Appoints President and CEO
The company has a new president and CEO as of January 1.

Heller CP 8000 HMC

HMC Mills, Turns Large Workpieces
Heller’s CP 8000 horizontal machining center conducts milling and turning operations for complete five-axis machining in a single setup.

Product Categories of Heller Machine Tools

Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
Machining Cells & FMS
Machining Flex Lines
Multi-Machine Tool-Storage Systems
Transfer Machines, In-Line
Transfer Machines, Shuttle-Type
Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
Universal Machining Centers

Trade Names

C Series
F Series
H Series
ModuleLine System (MLS)