IMCO Carbide Tool Joins IMC Group

Details of the August agreement were not disclosed, but company leadership says most aspects of IMCO’s operations and product portfolio will not change.


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IMCO Carbide Tool Inc. now operates as part of the IMC Group, an international family of metalworking companies and part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. While details of the August agreement were not disclosed, company leadership says most aspects of IMCO’s operations and product portfolio will remain unchanged.

IMCO will continue operating from its Perrysburg site, producing end mills and other machining products under the IMCO brand, President Perry Osburn says. The management team, tool grinders, sales and customer support teams will remain the same. Any differences will occur in the product development assets now available to IMCO, he says. 

“IMC Group is the second-largest metalworking business in the world,” Osburn says. “Like us, they’re known for innovation and product excellence. And they have technologies and other resources that can help us bring new products to market faster. As part of Berkshire Hathaway, we’ll be able to draw on their financial resources to maintain continuous improvement in manufacturing and pursue new challenges and opportunities.” Those opportunities include plans for plant expansion, he adds, which will be announced soon.

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