Breathable Drum Cover Prevents Material Contamination

Exair’s fine mesh non-woven drum cover is designed for use on 30 or 55 gallon drums and can be used with Exair’s Line Vac.


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Exair’s fine-mesh, non-woven drum cover is designed for use on 30- or 55-gallon drums. The drum cover is said to prevent contamination of material and keeps material contained in the drum for a cleaner and safer work environment.

The mesh cover is said to be a simple solution when a containment vessel is needed for transferred scrap, trim waste, parts, chips or pellets. The drum cover is suitable for conveyance hoses with outside diameters ranging from a 3/4" to 3.4" (19.1 to 86.4 mm). It comes with hose clamps and a durable spring buckle strap to ease installation.

The breathable material allows the air from Exair’s Line Vac, an air operated conveyor, to circulate whether moving material in or out of a drum.


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