EDMs’ Rise-and-Fall Work Tanks Improve Access, Visibility

Makino’s Edge2 and Edge3 EDMs are built to provide accurate and reliable performance for standard die/mold components and contract manufacturing.


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Makino’s Edge2 and Edge3 EDMs are built to provide accurate and reliable performance for standard die/mold components and contract manufacturing applications. Each features an integral rise-and-fall work tank with unobstructed access to the work zone for setup, which improves visibility to monitor the machining process. An eight-station automatic toolchanger (ATC) extends unattended operation and fully supports robotic automation. Safety features, including flame sensors and fire extinguisher systems, are integrated and monitored by the machine control.

Both machines are configured with adaptive technologies that are designed to reduce machining time. SuperSpark4 dynamically optimizes power discharge levels and jump cycles to reduce machining time up to 50 percent, according to the company. The Intelligent Expert System’s adaptive power is said to automatically stabilize EDM processes and enhance accuracy. The MGH6 control features a touch screen and simplified programming with the Makino Program Generator (MPG) function.

The Edge2 has a 650 × 450 × 300-mm (25.6" × 17.7" × 11.8") work tank, and the Edge3 has a 800 × 550 × 350-mm (31.5" × 21.7" × 13.8") work tank.


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