Improved Turning Center Features Fast Gantry Traverse Rates


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Murata Machinery USA has introduced the MW120II turning center, an improved version of the MW120. The machine feature’s Muratec’s latest and fastest-ever automation, the company claims. Armed with a high-speed, lightweight gantry loader, the MW120II offers rapid traverse speeds in the X, Y and Z axes of as much as 1.5 times those of the traditional gantry loader, according to the company.

In addition, the MW120II contains improvements to machine idle time areas as compared to the traditional machine. Overall idle time reductions related to turret clamp/unclamp, chuck clamp/unclamp, and higher-speed shutter doors have resulted in load/unload time reductions of more than 3 sec. per part.

Like other Muratec machines, the flexible automation enables the combination of multiple machines into a single production cell, utilizing common transfer, turnaround and feeding units to serve the machines and provide an efficient production solution.


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