Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.


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When Automated Production Turning is the Low-Cost Option

For the right parts, or families of parts, an automated CNC turning cell is simply the least expensive way to produce high-quality parts. 

Murata's Technology Showcase to be Held at North Carolina Headquarters

The 2019 Muratec Technology Showcase will be held September 19-20 at the Charlotte, North Carolina facility.

Murata Machinery Hires North American Sales Manager for Fabrication Products

Jeff Tyl joins Murata Machinery USA as the North American sales manager for fabrication products.

December 2018 Product Spotlight: Turning

Jedd Cole Modern Machine Shop

This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on turning machines and tooling.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

PO Box 667609
2120 Queen City Drive
Charlotte, NC 28266 US

Trade Names offered by Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

  • Centrum Series
  • FFG1250 Automated Material Handling
  • FG Automated Material Handling
  • FG Tower Series Automated Loaders
  • FS Series Automated Loaders
  • FS Tower Series Automated Loaders
  • Hybrid
  • LS3015FC Fiber Laser
  • Magnum
  • MD Series
  • MJ Series
  • ML 400
  • Motorum Series
  • MS Series
  • MT Series
  • MW Series
  • Vectrum Plasma Series
  • Vectrum Series