Lathe Provides Stability, Precision

South Bend Lathe is introducing the Heavy 10 SB1007 10" lathe.


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South Bend Lathe is introducing the Heavy 10 SB1007 10" lathe. The lathe has a 10 ¾" swing and 30" distance between centers. It also has powered carriage and cross feeds, quick-change gearbox, and all-gearhead headstock. The company designed the lathe to be heavy enough to do a variety of jobs, but light enough to be quick and responsive to the operator.

Headstock levers control the spindle speed for an available range of 55 to 2,200 rpm. A heavy-duty, 3-hp Delta variable-frequency driver inverter enables consistent torque at every speed from the three-phase motor (2 hp, two-speed) without requiring three-phase power. It includes a jog button, an outboard spindle spider for gunsmithing, a D1-4 camlock spindle, German-made spindle bearings and thick castings.


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