Machine Shreds Metal Chips to Turn Them Into Briquettes

IMTS 2018: Jorgensen Conveyors has partnered with Weima America Inc. to provide chip management solutions.


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Jorgensen Conveyors has partnered with Weima America Inc. to provide chip management solutions. The companies have integrated Jorgensen’s line of conveyors into a chip-processing system that shreds metal chips and shavings and turns them into briquettes. The system can reduce the volume of aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, steel and other types of metal chips by as much as 90 percent. This volume reduction translates to savings in material handling and labor, increased scrap value and improvements in the extraction of cutting fluids.

The Single Shaft Shredder can shred light materials such as aluminum or magnesium, but also steel shavings, copper and brass. The V rotor with Super V cut cutting gap adjustment are designed to contribute to optimal cutting geometry. This results in shredded material of homogenous size, high throughput, low wear and energy consumption, and resistance to foreign material.

The Industrial 4-Shaft Shredder is designed for heavy-duty reduction applications. Metal is shredded by the talons of the machine’s cutting discs and then pressed through the cutting gap of the clearing discs. It is discharged through a screen mounted under the cutting discs.

The machines provide high throughput in one pass with low speed and high-torque design. According to the companies, the chip-processing systems have been manufactured to high standards and reduce dust emissions and noise levels.


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