Predictive Analytics Application Enables Remote Machine Service

Eastec 2019: MachineMetrics Service is an AI-driven, remote machine monitoring solution developed for OEMs and equipment providers.


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MachineMetrics Service is an AI-driven, remote machine monitoring solution developed for OEMs and equipment providers. It is also designed for CNC machine builders, providers and distributors. As a predictive analytics application on the MachineMetrics Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, MachineMetrics Service enables machine service teams to remotely monitor and manage assets in the field and at customer sites in real time.

The solution offers operators the ability to see, understand and take action on customer machine data from anywhere at any time, the company says. Using MachineMetrics Edge’s cellular connection capabilities, an OEM or equipment provider can IIoT-enable their equipment and start collecting data within a week.

The company says that among other benefits and outcomes, the monitoring solution provides

  • Faster service when customers have machine problems;
  • Reduction of on-site service visits by 10 to 20 percent;
  • Optimization of preventive maintenance plans;
  • Validation of warranty claims;
  • Identification of new service opportunities through predictive maintenance pre- and post-warranty period; and
  • Data to fuel future machine research and development.

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