SigmaTek Adds Business Systems Suite to Product Portfolio

A new user interface across all products is designed to improve navigation and employs a universal easy-reading display to increase user focus and stamina. 


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SigmaTek software

SigmaTek Systems has added a Business Systems Suite integrated alongside the flagship SigmaNest product portfolio in Version 20 Service Pack 2 (SP2). This latest release of advanced CAD/CAM, Shop Floor Control, and now, Business Systems, is designed to bring a full range of fabrication optimization and data management features inside one user interface. Across all products, the Version 20 user interface is designed to improve navigation and employs a universal easy-reading display to increase user focus and stamina. 

SigmaTek’s new quoting tool, SigmaQuote, is available as both a freestanding application for the quoting department as well as an add-on module for SigmaNest programmers. SigmaQuote uses the SigmaNest nesting engine, part database and costing parameters to deliver quotes after importing part geometry. Full bi-directional integration with SigmaSuite products offers greater flexibility for a real world production workflow. Quote workspaces can be modified after job creation, and parts can be added, removed, and even re-nested without recreating or reimporting the quote, and then pushed directly into production work orders.

SigmaMRP, the core of SigmaTek’s business products, is designed to provide single-source job management throughout manufacturing, from quotation to delivery and invoicing. SigmaMRP integrates with both SigmaSuite products and other business systems to administer critical business data (inventory, transactions, customers, suppliers, job status, cost, profitability), and now adds several key improvements: a scheduling engine that is said to provide better performance for jobs with complex assemblies and sub-assemblies, as well as subcontract opportunities; time controls that offer scheduling flexibility around shifts and break periods; a logistics module that streamlines shipping details as cost, markups, and taxes with automatic cost calculation based on weight of line items in each job, along with support for multiple carriers, which allows individually configured rates for each chosen carrier; and an inventory module that now allows allocation of material and stock per BOM item for improved granularity, as well as allocation by batch for greater flexibility, and when integrated with SigmaNest, ensures stock is dynamically adjusted when programs are posted, deleted, or updated mid-production.