Software Provides Customized Running Parameters for End Mills

Web-based Machining Advisor Pro from Harvey Performance generates precise, optimized running parameters for its Helical Solutions cutting tools in five steps.

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Harvey Performance has launched Machining Advisor Pro, a free, web-based software program that provides customized running parameters for users of the company’s Helical Solutions end mills. The parameters are based on calculations performedby the company’s engineers for precision and optimization.

The program generates customized cutting parameters in five steps. Users enter the tool number, select the material from over 300 available material grades, choose the tool path, and select the machine spindle and holder. The maximum spindle speed and feed rate can be included and the workholding security can be adjusted (from loose to rigid) for further customization. Finally, users can adjust parameters to refine recommendations. A tool graphic helps determine radial and axial depths of cut. Speeds and feed rates can also be adjusted via dials to optimize tool life, production and deflection.

The desktop version is available now and gives users the ability to work offline, so it can be accessed anywhere. The company plans to release mobile apps for iOS and Android soon.