Starrett's Datasure 4.0 Streamlines Data Acquisition

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced its Datasure 4.0 system, which uses new wireless technology to provide swift, secure transfer of measurement data.


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A concept image showing a man taking a measurement, with a Wi-Fi signal and computer code behind his hands.

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced Datasure 4.0, an advanced wireless data collection system for acquiring precision measurement data. Starrett Datasure 4.0 operates on the latest wireless networking technology, enabling accelerated speeds, greater bandwidth and longer range for higher data throughput compared to older systems. The company says Datasure 4.0 has a range in the hundreds of yards, ten to twenty times larger than any data collection system on the market.

Datasure 4.0 features high bit rates and a connection with less than 50 ms of data travel time, and its ultra-low latency network enables processing of high volumes of data without delay, even at full capacity. Users of Datasure 4.0 can versatilely utilize multiple gateways which serve as central or distributed points for data collection, unlike conventional systems that have only one gateway.

Starrett Datasure 4.0 is built on a highly secure proprietary wireless platform. Transported data is encrypted using a multi-layered approach that prevents outside access to the data.

With Datasure 4.0, users can configure the network topology to many simple or complex situations and utilize distributed remote gateways. The system is operable on Android and iOS mobile platforms and Windows-based computers including laptops, desktop PCs, thin client PCs and servers. Datasure 4.0 repeater and bridge components can also connect directly to PLCs and other high-speed serial automation equipment for real-time data collection or remote machine operation.

Starrett Datasure is compatible with all Starrett electronic digital gages, as well as electronic gages of other tool manufacturers. Datasure 4.0 works with gages that have built-in wireless capability or with other gages via externally mounting rechargeable Starrett Datasure End Nodes. The new Starrett Wireless Tools and Datasure 4.0 End Nodes include an IP67 level of protection for use in harsh shop environments.