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Vomat's UBF Vacuum Belt Filter Processes Ultra-Fine Particles from Cutting Fluids

Originally titled 'Filter Processes Ultra-Fine Particles from Cutting Fluids'
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The UBF vacuum belt filter from Vomat, a division of Oelheld, filters ultra-fine particles from oil and water-based coolants.


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Vomat UBF filter


The UBF vacuum belt filter from Vomat, a division of Oelheld, filters ultra-fine particles from oil and water-based coolants, such as those produced by grinding, turning, milling, drilling, honing, lapping, eroding and other machining processes.

be used for filtering various ferrous and nonferrous alloys, hard metals, disc abrasives, binders, etc., without the need of a special pre-separation system. Depending on the material to be filtered and the characteristics of the filter cake, the filter fineness is between 10 and 30 microns.”

Volume flow capacities range from 200 L/min. to 2,000 L/min. During operation, a vacuum is generated, and the system pumps suck the cooling lubricant through a high-performance filter belt to ensure continuous availability of the cleaned medium.

The disposal of machining sludge with low residual moisture is handled automatically via several filter belts. The UBF can also efficiently filter larger chips from turning or milling operations. The fully automatic belt cleaning system allows for user-friendly sludge disposal directly into transport containers. Integrated or external cooling systems can provide cooling through a compressor or with plant-provided cold water. Control accuracy is ±1.0 K.

The UBF is designed for regular on-site service by the user’s own maintenance personnel. Thanks to an integrated remote control system, the UBF can be monitored over the web by Vomat. This means a reduction of possible system failures through early detection.  


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