Wire EDMs Handle Extra-Large Workpieces

Sodick has released two models of wire EDMs, the ALN800G and the ALN800GH.

Sodick has released two models of wire EDMs, the ALN800G and ALN800GH. These machines are designed to accommodate extra-large work, with X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels ranging to 31.5" × 23.6" × 31.5”, respectively. The generator and control are said to improve accuracy and speed on large parts.

Despite its size, the ALN800G offers a three-sided automatic drop tank for easy setup, even with a crane. Likewise, the high-column ALN800GH offers a Z height of 31.5" (800 mm). Both machines provide rigid linear motor drives for friction-free machining as well as a ceramic workspace capable of damping thermal distortion. 

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