Wire EDMs Handle Extra-Large Workpieces

Sodick has released two models of wire EDMs, the ALN800G and the ALN800GH.


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Sodick has released two models of wire EDMs, the ALN800G and ALN800GH. These machines are designed to accommodate extra-large work, with X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels ranging to 31.5" × 23.6" × 31.5”, respectively. The generator and control are said to improve accuracy and speed on large parts.

Despite its size, the ALN800G offers a three-sided automatic drop tank for easy setup, even with a crane. Likewise, the high-column ALN800GH offers a Z height of 31.5" (800 mm). Both machines provide rigid linear motor drives for friction-free machining as well as a ceramic workspace capable of damping thermal distortion. 


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