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Jingdiao North America is a manufacturer of high-speed high-precision machining centers. 

Jingdiao Company Profile

Founded in 1993, Jingdiao is a manufacturer of high speed / high precision 3 & 5 axes machining centers with over 6,000 employees worldwide.

5 Axes Micro Precision Accuracy

The 5 axes spiral machining sample has clearance of less than 3μm

Guaranteed Machining Accuracy

With Jingdiao's micro precision 5 axes machining centers & on machine probing, we guarantee that your parts are within spec. before they come off the machine.

Good Bye to Parting Lines

With Jingdiao micro precision 5 axes machining centers, you can watch those embarassing parting lines dissapear.

The Perfect Fit

This video shows the beauty of seemless mold fitting.

Mold Matching Demo

Jingdiao's micro machining centers deliver the perfect match.

1μm Feed + .1μm Cutting = 10 Nanometer Mirror Finish

Jingdiao's high speed machining centers can create a morror like surface finish.

Just No Say No to EDM

With Jingdiao's 5 axes high speed / hard milling machines, you can eliminate multimple set ups, reduces hand polishing and skip the CNC sinker EDM process.

5 Axes Cube Machining

5 axes machining with assorted surface finishes.

5 Axes Impeller Blade

Jingdiao 5 axes impeller blade machining demo.

Micro Machining Technology

Jingdiao explanation of micro machining technology..

On Machine Probing Demonstration

Deonstration of Jingdiao's on machine probing technology.

Knee Pad Machining

Demonstration video of medical implants.

Medical Implants

Medical part machined on a Jingdiao high precision machining center.

Medical Implant

Bone connector machined on a Jingdiao high speed machining center.

Graphite Electrode

Graphite electrode machined on a Jingdiao HSM.

Aluminum Die-cast Machining

Aluminum die-cast parts machined on Jingdiao HSM.

5 Axes Machining

Complex 5 axes machining sample.

5 Axes Spider

Spider machined on a Jingdiao 5 axes machining center.

Generator Blade

5 axes high speed machining 

High Speed Machining Sample

50HRC hard milling sample

Die Casting - Near Net Shape

Near Net shape Diecasting Part

Hard Milling Mold

58HRC mold machined on a Jingdiao 3 axes HSM

Jingdiao Amerimold 2019 Exhibit

Jingdiao's Director of Engineering, Hans Hansen gives a live 5 axes  machining presentation at Amerimold 2019.

Amerimold 2019 Exhibit

Jingdio Amerimold Exhibit

Badminton Sample

Machined on a Jingdiao machining center.

Impeller Blade

Impeller blade machined on a 5 axes.

Beijing National Stadium AKA The Bird Nest

Machined on a 5 axes high speed machining center.

Tank Model

This 100% Stainless Steel Tank model was machined on a Jingdiao machining center.

Eggshell Machining

Eggs engraved on a Jingdiao machining center.

Chess Set

Full chess set machined on a Jingdiao machining center.

Chess Set Close Up

Chess set machined on a Jingdiao machining center.

Jingdiao Lobby

Lobby at the Jingdiao world headquarters

Jingdiao Vacational School

Photo of the Jingdiao Vocational school

Jingdiao Vocational School

Jingdiao Vocational school showroom

Product Categories of Jingdiao North America, Inc.

Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis