JM Performance Products, Inc.

JM Performance Products, Inc.


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High-Torque Retention Knobs Solve Aerospace Milling Production Challenge

L.H. Thomson exclusively uses high-torque retention knobs from JM Performance Products on every tool on its machines to improve heavy milling on titanium and stainless steel parts.

JM Performance's High Torque Retention Knobs Lower Chatter

JM Performance Products has launched a specially designed High Torque retention knob for V-Flange tooling that the company says reduces chatter and tool wear.

JM Performance Products Changes Material Used in Retention Knobs

Westec 2019: JM Performance Products has begun changing the material used in the production of its retention knobs from 8620H to 9310H grade steel.

Retention Knobs Cut Down on Toolholder Expansion

Tarah Rauch Gardner Business Media

Eastec 2019: JM Performance Products’ high-torque retention knobs are designed to eliminate toolholder expansion, which causes vibration, chatter, run-out, poor finishes and poor tolerances.

JM Performance Products, Inc.

1234 High Street
Fairport Harbor, OH 44077 US
800-322-7750 | 440-357-1234

Trade Names offered by JM Performance Products, Inc.

  • ClampForce Drawbar Gage
  • High Torque Retention Knob
  • Retention Knob Sockets
  • Spindle Cleaning and Restoration ki
  • Taper Shank Test Fixture
  • Taper Shank Test Fixture