Y G-1 Tool Co.


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Cutting Tool Technology Aids Lights-Out Machining Applications

These features can help improve cutting tool stability, standardize cutting performance and extend tool life, enabling shops to confidently run unattended shifts.  

YG-1's Dream Drills Pro Optimized for Steel, Cast Iron

Julia Hider Modern Machine Shop, Additive Manufacturing

The Dream Drills Pro tools are made with micrograin carbide for core strength and longer tool life, and feature the company’s wave-shaped cutting edge to reduce cutting forces.

YG-1's ENMX High-Feed Milling Tools Provide Insert Clamping Security

Jedd Cole Modern Machine Shop

IMTS Spark: YG-1’s ENMX High-Feed Mill 4 is a series of small-diameter cutting tools developed to meet stringent demands of versatility, productivity and process stability.

YG-1's Fiberglass Routers Designed for Manual, CNC Cutting

Jedd Cole Modern Machine Shop

YG-1 offers a series of four solid carbide fiberglass routers designed to handle machining of fiberglass and other high-performance fibers.

Y G-1 Tool Co.

730 Corporate Woods Pkwy.
Vernon Hills, IL 60061 US
800-765-8665 | 847-634-3700

Trade Names offered by Y G-1 Tool Co.

  • Alu Power
  • Blue Ring Taps
  • D Power
  • Dream Drills
  • Hardslick Taps
  • Jet Power
  • Tank Power
  • V7 Mill
  • X Power
  • X5070 End Mills