YCM Technology USA Inc.

YCM Technology USA Inc.


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Interactive Wall Illustrates YCM’s Approach to Industry 4.0

IoT platform developed and refined on the company’s own extensive production campus.

YCM's DCV2018A-5AX Machining Center Features Stable Construction for Aerospace Work

Jedd Cole Modern Machine Shop

YCM’s DCV2018A-5AX machining center, part of the Aero series, is designed to provide high speed and efficiency for aerospace applications.

Milling Machines Target Multiple Sectors

IMTS 2018: YCM offers various multi-axis and multi-pallet machines as well as the accompanying automation.

Seeing Smart Manufacturing in Taiwan

Derek Korn Modern Machine Shop

A recent visit to Taiwan revealed new smart-manufacturing technologies being developed by the island’s machine tool builders as well as by its largest commercial and military aircraft manufacturer.

YCM Technology USA Inc.

20540 Belshaw Avenue
Carson, CA 90746 US

Trade Names offered by YCM Technology USA Inc.

  • DCV2018A-5AX
  • DCV4025B
  • DCV4035B-5AX
  • FV50T
  • FX380A-5AX
  • GT200,250,300
  • NDC3016B
  • NDC3022B
  • NDV102A
  • NFP500A-5AX
  • NFX500A-5AX
  • NH630B
  • NMV106A
  • NSV102A
  • NSV156A
  • NT-2500SY
  • NTC1600LSY
  • NTC2000LSY
  • NTV158B
  • NXV1020A
  • NXV1380A
  • NXV1680A
  • NXV560A-APC
  • TC-16B
  • TC26, 36
  • TC46 Big Bore
  • TCV2000a, 3000A
  • TCV3000A-5AF
  • TCV3000A-5AX
  • TV116B TV146B TV158B TV2010B TV2610
  • YCM
  • YCM Americas, Inc.