Five Traits Define Top Performers in Five-Axis Machining

Benchmarking data reveal how elite manufacturers make the most of more axes of motion.


Practical Approaches to Automating Five-Axis Machines

There are many approaches to automation in five-axis machining, and whether a shop uses robots or pallet changers, the benefits are often easier to realize than many believe.

New Machining Centers Improve Moldmaking Workflow

Westminster Tool has shifted the workflow in its moldmaking department to incorporate high-speed five-axis and, as a result, cut lead times and reduce the need for wire EDM. 

5 Hard Lessons from a 28-Year-Old Startup Machine Shop Owner

Good fortune and years of long working hours have both figured into the success of this young shop, which became its founder’s sole employment starting last year. The shop owner shares his story.

Methods Moves Chicago Technical Center to Gilberts

Methods Machine Tools has moved its Chicago Technical Center from Elgin, Illinois, to Gilberts, Illinois, saying the new facility will speed up repair and installation times.

High-End Watchmaker Eliminates Offshoring with Five-Axis Machining Center

Instead of shipping small components from overseas, a watchmaker was able to accommodate increased demand by purchasing a used five-axis machining center.
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SW BA Space3 and BA W06 Target EV Machining Needs

SW says its BA Space3 and BA W06 machining centers feature optimizations for taking on difficult EV machining processes.

Kitamura Signs Distributor Partnership with Next Industries

Kitamura has named Next Industries the exclusive distributor for its machining centers, accessories, spare parts and software in Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky.

AMEXCI and SLM Solutions Partner to Promote Metal AM

AMEXCI and SLM Solutions have partnered to promote industrialization of metal additive manufacturing, starting with AMEXCI’s investment in the SLM 500.

Palmgren Releases Durable, Heavy-Duty Bench Grinders

Palmgren’s heavy-duty bench grinder provides what the company says are longer duty cycles under load and less speed degradation than competing products.

EMAG Acquires Samputensili

EMAG has acquired Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC, planning to merge them into EMAG SU Srl.

Five-Axis Grob G550T Tightens Cycle Times and Accuracies

The five-axis Grob G550T not only cuts cycle times and tooling costs for aluminum aerospace applications, but provides exacting accuracy for titanium and Inconel applications.

MC Machinery GX-F Advanced Fiber Laser System Simplifies Use

MC Machinery’s GX-F Advanced Series of fiber laser systems uses artificial intelligence to enhance operational simplicity and self-correct bad cuts.

Weingärtner Mill-Turn Widens Plasticizing Screw Production Range

Weingärtner’s custom Pick Up mill-turn center for injection mold machine manufacturer Arburg has widened the range of plasticizing screws Arburg can produce.


Practical Approaches to Automating Five-Axis Machines

There are many approaches to automation in five-axis machining, and whether a shop uses robots or pallet changers, the benefits are often easier to realize than many believe.

Use Your Machinists to Make Dies

By systemizing die making into repeatable steps, Dies Plus, a division of Otto Engineering, is using its machinists to effectively make dies. This solution relies on a paperless color-coding system to convey the tolerances machinists need to hit in order for tool and die makers to do the final fitting.

Anca Upgrades FX5 Linear Grinding Spindle Power

Anca has upgraded its FX5 Linear’s grinding spindle from 9.5 kW to 12 kW, also offering a 19-kW upgrade. This power increase boosts productivity and flexibility.

Opt Lasers' PLH3D-15W Blue-Laser Head Boosts Efficiency

Opt Lasers’ PLH3D-15W uses three high-efficiency, blue-laser diodes to provide powerful, sustainable laser processing capabilities.

Mitsui Seiki Installs First Blue Arc Machine

Mitsui Seiki has installed what it says is the first Blue Arc-using machine tool. Blue Arc uses a multiple-point discharge event for material removal, whereas EDM uses a single-point discharge.

Ingersoll and Bell 3D Print 22-Foot-Long Rotor Blade Mold

Ingersoll and Bell have completed a 22-foot-long main rotor blade mold through a combination of 3D printing and five-axis machining, saving months compared to traditional processes.

Rocklin MobiLase Brings Portability to Laser Marking

Rocklin Manufacturing’s MobiLase is a portable fiber laser marking solution that customers can transport in a rolling suitcase.

Anca's EDG3 and SparX Erosion Generator Cut Cycle Times

Anca’s Electro Discharge Grinding 3 machine with Anca Motion’s SparX Erosion Generator uses a variety of tech innovations to maintain geometries and cut PCD cycle times by 50%.