Inspection & Measuring Equipment

Inspection and Measuring Equipment includes all of the tools and devices that are used to verify that a part’s dimensions all conform to the tolerances required by the part’s design. Included are various hand-held gages such as calipers and micrometers, as well as more simple gage blocks or plug gages. However, inspection and measurement in most shops also goes beyond hand-held gages to include coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), the measurement machine tools able to execute programmed measurement routines. Also included in this category are devices such as profilometers that measure the finish of machined surfaces.

Traceability Without Serial Numbers: Vision Technology Makes Every Part Its Own Identifier

Off-the-shelf imaging technology is now so good it can pick up the distinct surface features of seemingly identical parts. This startup company’s technology leverages what cell phones and other imaging devices can now do, identifying parts by their own unique features so that no serial number is needed.

What’s the Correct Reading?

A CMM, a bore mic and an air gage measure parts differently and may provide different values, yet all of them may be correct. Here’s how.

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