Probing Feedback Keeps CNC Machining On Track

CNC machine tools that operate like self-contained, automated smart factories can be an introduction or an addition to digital manufacturing workflows.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

Heidenhain's LIC 3100 Encoder Offers Simple Mounting

Heidenhain says its LIC 3100 absolute kit encoder enhances the efficiency of linear motors and offers forgiving mounting tolerances.

Zeiss Quality Excellence Center Wins Engineering Award

Zeiss’ Quality Excellence Center in Wixom, Michigan, has won an Engineering Honorable Conceptor Award at ACEC’s 2021 Engineering & Surveying Excellence Awards Competition.

Mitutoyo AI Inspect Uses AI-Enhanced Visual Defect Analysis

Mitutoyo’s AI Inspect program enables operators to leverage AI-enhanced modules for visual defect analysis.

Siemens Next-Gen Veloce Verification Systems Boost Capacity

Siemens’ next-generation Veloce verification system delivers powerful, modular solutions for verifying integrated circuit designs — including one which scales up to 15 billion gates.

Verisurf to Distribute Peel 3D Products

Verisurf has signed an agreement to become worldwide distributor of Peel 3D’s product line, which centers around versatile 3D scanners.

Marposs Updates Optical Testing System Software

Marposs has updated its software for Optoquick and Optoflash with a smart-search function for viewing results, as well as a user-friendly interface.

Renishaw Debuts High-Durability Fortis Absolute Encoders

Renishaw designed its non-contact Fortis encoders for maximum repeatability and durability, with a vibration-resistance rating of up to 30 g.

LK Metrology's Freedom Ultimate Arms Maximize Usability

LK Metrology’s Freedom Ultimate and Freedom Ultimate Scan arms provide a portable, accessible and highly accurate measuring system for complex applications.

LiDAR Technology Coming to Factory Systems

Industrial sensor company Sick AG and automotive sensor company IBEO Automotive Systems GmbH have partnered to create an industrial, solid-state LiDAR solution.

Methods Machine Tools Releases VisionGauge OnLine Updates

Methods Machine Tools has released software enhancements for VisionGauge OnLine, especially benefitting VisionX’s Digital Optical Comparator 700 series.

Mitutoyo and Kitov Partnering, Developing Combined Solutions

Mitutoyo and Kitov have partnered to combine the innovations of Mitutoyo’s metrology solutions and Kitov’s AI, robotics and computer vision technologies.

Starrett AVR-FOV 0.14X Provides Widest Yet AVR Field-of-View

Starrett’s AVR-FOV 0.14X features a 0.14 magnification lens with the widest-yet AVR field-of-view, and delivers measurements accurate to the micron level.

Decoding Surface Finish Gages and Parameters

Long-wavelength waviness and short-wavelength roughness require a wide variety of instruments and parameters for proper measurement — and lower numbers aren’t always better.

Andretti Autosport Names AAT3D Official Metrology Provider

Applied Automation Technologies (AAT3D) is now providing its metrology systems to Andretti Autosport, particularly the CAPPSNC system for closed-loop production feedback.

Matching Thickness Gage Types to Proper Applications

Different thicknesses require different gage types during inspection — four common ones are handheld indicators, handheld micrometers, opposed air streams and gage blocks.

Siemens Sitrans CloudConnect 240 Extends Digital Awareness

Siemens Sitrans CloudConnect 240 collects a second data stream from HART-based field devices, facilitating IoT solutions for the process industry.

Choose the Correct ID/OD Gage for the Task

Benchtop and portable comparator gages each have their place, but the differences are more than surface deep. 

Confirming Dimensional Accuracy of a Precision Ball

A single diameter isn’t the only measurement parameter that can be used to ensure accuracy.

Mitutoyo MeasurLink Collection Scheduler Automates Measuring

Mitutoyo's Collection Scheduler module for its MeasureLink suite helps shops keep track of measurement processes across multiple batches or machines.

Dial vs. Test Indicators

Dial and test indicators are close cousins. They are both mechanical magnifying devices used for dimensional comparison.

NVision Laser Scanning Streamlines Power Plant Conversions

NVision is helping coal power plants convert to more-efficient combined cycle gas turbine systems by streamlining turbine measurement with its 3D-scanning equipment.