CYCLO COOL Cutting Fluids

(Sponsored Content) CYCLO COOL cutting fluids consist of a large range of premium metalworking fluids designed for the various dynamic metal manufacturing industries. More specifically, general job shop manufacturing facilities are extremely impressed with the ‘work horse’ nature of CYCLO COOL 1800 and CYCLO COOL 2000.


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The combination of CYCLO COOL 1800 and CYCLO COOL 2000 are producing excellent results in providing machining facilities the versatility to machine a variety of metals and applications. CYCLO COOL 1800 is used for moderate machining applications ranging from light milling to machining mild steels, exotics metals and stainless steels applications. This product is a non-chlorinated, semi-synthetic and was designed for the aerospace industry but proving to work extremely well within other manufacturing industries.

CYCLO COOL 2000 is a heavy duty semi-synthetic formulated with a non-SARA reportable chlorinated extreme pressure package. CYCLO COOL 2000 is formulated for ferrous and non ferrous materials, including exotics and stainless steel. CYCLO COOL 1800 and CYCLO COOL 2000 are available in low foaming high pressure formulations for fluid pressures exceeding 1500 psi applications.

Most recently, a heavy equipment manufacture was experiencing multiple problems ranging from biological control, hard tacky residues and machine downtime due to sensor failures, ball screw corrosion and severe nonferrous galvanic corrosion within six Vertical Turning Centers. MAG recommended and successfully tested CYCLO COOL 1800 semi-synthetic against four competitor’s products, ranging from synthetics to heavy soluble oils. Not only was CYCLO COOL 1800 cost competitive, the semi-synthetic eliminated all of the above issues and reduced the customer’s supplier base while providing an overall cost saving on replacement parts and preventative maintenance downtime.

To receive CYCLO COOL product brochures or for more information, please contact Will Gruber at 859.534.4597, Will.Gruber@mag-ias.com, or Roger Romas at 859.534.4574, Roger.Romas@mag-ias.com. Email a request for quote to info-psus@mag-ias.com.