Mold Maker Announces 5-Part Coronavirus Response

Plans for protecting people and lead times alike involve not only concrete action, but also clear communication.


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Modern Machine Shop and other Gardner Business Media properties have been seeking insight about how the manufacturers we cover are responding to the ongoing pandemic, but in some cases, there has been no need to ask. The most discerning manufacturers have been proactive about not only responding to the virus, but also communicating the details of that response, both internally and throughout newly disrupted supply chains.

Don Dumoulin (second from left), owner and CEO of Precise Tooling Solutions in Indiana, evaluates a mold.

Don Dumoulin (second from left), owner and CEO of Precise Tooling Solutions in Indiana, evaluates a mold. Photo: Precise Tooling Solutions

One example is Precise Tooling Solutions, a mold manufacturer that has appeared in MMS both in a feature article about shop management and, more recently, in a commentary about recent manufacturing tariffs. On March 16, the Columbus, Indiana shop sent a mass email detailing its response and emphasizing that it was still open for business. The following excerpt details five specific actions:  

  1. Employees who are sick are instructed to stay at home. While we have no current indication of exposure within our team, if the coronavirus does strike, we are prepared to minimize the impact.
  2. We implemented a social distancing plan inside our facility with our team staying at their machines or workstations. Internal communication will be handled by text message and cellphone discussion. Face-to-face meetings are being significantly limited.
  3. Our facility has been closed to guests and customers. Incoming deliveries will occur outside the building and all incoming mail, packages and deliveries are being sanitized before entering our facility.
  4. To protect your employees, all outgoing shipments are being sanitized.
  5. We are equipped to conduct video conferences for project updates and provide video demonstrations of any processes you want to see.

The email concludes on an interesting note: “With the global supply chain in unfortunate disarray, now is a great time to keep your projects local,” it reads. Could more local manufaturing be a broader, lasting impact of the ongoing pandemic?

Another email arrived March 19, reiterating that the shop is still operational and still taking the utmost care.