AquaTec 7655 Offers High Emulsion Stability

Oelheld US Inc. has released AquaTec 7655, a water-miscible cooling lubricant suitable for high-capacity machining.


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Metalworking fluid

The right cooling lubricant can help optimize machining processes, increase productivity and ensure quality in produced parts, according to oelheld U.S. Inc. The company has released AquaTec 7655, a water-miscible product suitable for general to heavy-duty machining of steels, plastics
and aluminum alloys.

The fluid is TRGS 611 compliant and formaldehyde free. It is designed to extend tool life, offer corrosion protection and provide a good workpiece surface finish. AquaTec 7655 has been developed to offer high emulsion stability while requiring little maintenance, even in high production environments. AquaTec 7655 as well-suited for metalworkers operating at a high capacity.

Free seminars on water-miscible cooling lubricants are held regularly at oelheld, conducted by product specialists.


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