Five-Axis Machining Center Speeds Tool Changes, Shortens Idle Times

Heller has released the HF 5500 five-axis horizontal machining center equipped with pallet changer.


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Heller Machine Tools has released the HF 5500 five-axis horizontal machining center equipped with pallet changer, offering a work envelope of 900 × 950 × 900 mm and a maximum pallet load of 750 kg.

The horizontal spindle is said to speed tool changes and shorten idle times, increasing productivity. In addition, the three linear axes are equipped with absolute measuring systems. The speed of the A and B rotary axes is achieved through minimized mass moment of inertia and the use of direct drives. Optionally, the powerful dynamics can be increased further with the Speed-Dynamics Package. According to the company, it provides 10 percent shorter chip-to-chip times. For an additional reduction in idle times, the company provides a high-speed NC lift-and-swivel toolchanger.

The HSK-A63 SC63 SpeedCutting motor spindle (18,000 rpm, 100 Nm) is ideal for the machining of light metals. The system can also be equipped with the PC63 PowerCutting spindle (12,000 rpm, 201 Nm) for cutting cast iron and steel. The company also offers HSK-A100 motor spindles. The SC 100 spindle unit (12,000 rpm, 201 Nm) provides increased stability of tools and high speeds for universal application. The PC 100 spindle unit (10,000 rpm, 354 Nm) offers high torque for use with heavy tools.

The machining center enables swivel movements of the rotary table from 30 through 120 degrees, and it can move through 225 degrees with restrictions. It removes chips through free chip fall during horizontal machining, facilitated by steep side walls and stainless-steel slat coverings as well as the open chip conveyor.


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