Oelheld's SintoGrind TC-X 630 Grinding Oil Maintains Viscosity



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The grinding oil TC-X 630 has been added to Oelheld’s SintoGrind series as an entry-level product. SintoGrind TC-X 630 is made from the latest generation of gas-to-liquid (GTL) base oils. GTL technology converts natural gas into high-quality liquid products that would otherwise be made from crude oil. GTL-base oils are colorless and odorless. They contain almost none of the impurities found in crude oil such as sulfur, nitrogen and aromatics.

SintoGrind TC-X 630 is designed for flute grinding, profile grinding, and outer- and inner-diameter grinding. The oil is well-suited for a variety of materials including tungsten carbide, high speed steel (HSS), polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN), cermet and ceramics. SintoGrind TC-X 630 contains no hazardous elements and exhibits stable viscosity over a wide temperature spectrum, the company says.