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Company Profile

Erowa Technology, Inc. is a full service supplier of palletization and automation systems for the North American manufacturing market.

Increasing Productivity, Profitability and Efficiency!

Economical Self Centering Vise for 5 Axis MachiningWe are proud of the new addition to the FTool product line: CentroClamp.

Expandable Robot

The EROWA Robot Dynamic was designed to be expandable to suit your needs.

FTool - Precision Tooling on a Budget

We proudly respresent the Swiss made FTool product line for the North American continent.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Hitting the Zone with Five-Axis Machining
By investing in five-axis machining technology, Advance CNC Machining has done more than just add new capabilities to its roster. It has found a way to achieve something that most of us strive for: a way to work “in the zone.”

power chuck p

Chuck Enables Pneumatic Workholding
Eastec 2019: The Erowa PowerChuck P’s added feature is said to extend the application possibilities. 

Erowa Technology SmartChuck

New Erowa SmartChucks Make Workholding Industry 4.0-Ready
Erowa unveils smart workholding and automation products at IMTS.

SmartChucks and smartphone app

Redesigned Chucks Connect to Smartphones Via Bluetooth
IMTS 2018: Erowa’s SmartChucks line has been redesigned to combine precision and stability with wireless signal transmission.

Erowa CleverClamp

Workpiece Clamping System for One-Offs, Small-Batch Parts
Amerimold 2017: The clamping elements of Erowa’s CleverClamp workpiece clamping system are specifically tailored to the manufacture of one-off and small-batch parts.

Erowa ClerverClamp

Workholding System for One-Offs Decreases Setup Times
The clamping elements of Erowa’s CleverClamp system are specifically designed for the manufacture of one-off and small-batch parts.

Ford Tool automation cell

EDM Cell Cuts Lead Time in Half, Improves Quality
Sodick's AG60L sinker EDM and an Erowa Robot Compact helped Ford Tool and Machining LLC cut lead time in half when it needed to reduce downtime and increase repeatability.

Erowa ITS 50 Holder C

Sealing System Protects Chucks from Debris
Erowa’s ITS 50 Holder C protects chucks against copper chips, graphite dust or fine chips from high-speed cutting during manufacturing processes.

Sealed Holder Protects Chucks from Debris
Erowa will present its ITS 50 Holder C, designed to protect chucks against contamination such as copper chips, graphite dust or fine HSC chips during manufacturing processes.

Video: Time-Saving Workholding
Two Erowa workholding devices can help mold shops save time and work more efficiently.

Video: Time-Saving Workholding
Erowa discusses workholding options for greater machining center efficiency.

Matrix mold tooling for parts used in the medical device industry.

A Big-Picture View of Micromachining
 Matrix Tooling makes injection molds for components that have features you cannot see.

five-axis linear cell

Cell Controller Boosts Production Flexibility
By serving as the “brains” of a cell consisting of two machining centers and a work delivery system, cell control software from Erowa helps this manufacturer run lights-out 24/7 and achieve 90-percent spindle utilization.

mirrors for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2

Beyond Milling or Grinding
Ultrasonic machining opens new possibilities for NASA engineers using previously unmachinable materials.

small-scale Erowa pallet system

How Do You Equip a Startup Micromachining Shop?
A response to a reader’s question includes a checklist for launching a small shop focused on micromachining.

Fully Automatic Manufacturing Cell
Erowa Technology offers its Robot Dynamic modular system, which can be extended in all directions at any time.

five axis machining

Find Your Speed Outside of Machining
This short-lead-time mold shop achieves its most significant time savings by looking outside the machining cycle. However, one of those elements outside the cycle—palletized setup—ultimately led to cycle time savings via five-axis machining.

Video: Palletization and Five-Axis Machining in a Mold Shop
Die Tech & Engineering describes how palletization and five-axis machining work together to deliver efficiency.

dynamic tool length measurement

Too Small To Touch
Hummingbird takes on machining work that is too small for most shops to handle. In fact, Hummingbird tries not to handle it either. To accurately machine the tiniest parts, this shop relies on processes that are as hands-off as possible.

camera for magnifying work zone

A Micro Machine Design
This machine has no toolholders and no tombstone—but there is a camera. Here are details of a machining center designed for micromachining.

Product Categories of EROWA Technology, Inc.

All Other Workpiece Handling, Loading and Feeding Equipment not specified
Automated Pallet Systems
Automated System & Cells for Assembly & Test
Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
Chucks, Magnetic
Chucks, Precision
Chucks, Self-Contained
Chucks, Special
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
Dividing & Indexing Heads
EDM Tooling
Fixturing Systems
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment
Indexers & Rotary Tables
Lifting & Positioning Equipment
Pallet Changers/Shuttles and Programmable Transfer Devices
Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
Robot Tooling/Grippers
Robots, Industrial
Tool Presetters
Tool Storage & Handling Systems
Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change
Transfer Machines, Rotary
Transfer Machines, Shuttle-Type
Vises & Vise Jaws
Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

Easy Change
Erowa Lift 250
EROWA Robot Compact
ErowaLift 2
ERS Robot
FrameSet Basic
FrameSet Fixed
ITS Compact
PalletSet W
PalletSet W / FrameSet
PM Tooling
Preset 2D
Preset 3D
Robot Easy
Robot Multi