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THINBIT® offers DESIGN-A-GROOVE®. DESIGN-A-GROOVE® tooling is modified according to a customer’s specific application requirements.


FORM-A-GROOVE® tooling improves production by generating complex profiles in a single plunge.


THINBIT®, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, is pleased to present the MILL A GROOVE™ line.


THINBIT® manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, is pleased to present the Microbit® line.


Thinbit® presents Laser Images, its full service laser engraving service.


THINBIT®, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, is pleased to announce the expansion of the DEEPGROOVE® line of support blade style tooling.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

thinbit mill a groove

A New Spin on CNC Machining Face Grooves
Here is an alternative to standard end milling — an operation performed on a CNC milling machine to produce circular grooves in the part face. This new single-point trepanning tooling strategy can produce both symmetrical and asymmetrical face grooves, too, and perform fly cutting.

Kaiser Tool Company's Mill A Groove Line.

ThinBit Extends Mill A Groove Line for Greater Versatility
Westec 2019: ThinBit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Co., has expanded its shank options to include 90-degree presentation as part of the Mill A Groove line.

Hexagon's new facility

Industry News of Note: June 2019
This month: Hexagon breaks ground in Detroit, Xometry lets users search and buy Mitsubishi cutting tools, Gosiger lays plans for 2019 exhibition, and other industry news. 

Kaiser Thinbit Celebrates 55 Years
Kaiser Tool Co. has been at its current location in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 25 years. 

milling insert

Groove Milling Line Eliminates Secondary Lathe Operations
Eastec 2019: Manufactured by Kaiser Tool Co., Thinbit’s Mill A Groove line is designed for trepanning on a CNC milling machine.

Thinbit will display its Mill A Groove line of toolholders and inserts at IMTS 2018.

Tooling Line Enables Trepanning on a Mill
IMTS 2018: Thinbit’s Mill A Groove line of toolholders and inserts consolidate operations and provide quality finish for sealing surfaces. 

groundbreaking at Kaiser Tool company

Kaiser Tool Co. Breaks Ground on Facility Expansion
Kaiser Tool Co. celebrated its 8,000-square-foot expansion with a formal groundbreaking ceremony.

Thinbit cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline diamond insert

Tool Inserts Improve Finish, Production Rate for High-Temp Alloys
Thinbit by Kaiser Tool Co. offers inserts tipped with cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline diamond.

Thinbit Groove N Turn

Expanded Dovetail Grooving Insert Line
The Thinbit line of Groove ‘N Turn dovetail grooving inserts, by Kaiser Tool Co. has been expanded to offer more sizes.

ThinBit DeepGroove tools

Blade-Style Tooling for Internal Grooving
ThinBit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Co., is expanding its line of DeepGroove support blade-style tooling.

Thinbit off-the-shelf-solution

The Right Tools for Micro Grooves
Mack Tool and Engineering used modified inserts to create micro-grooves, but they were prone to breaking. After switching to Thinbit Groove ‘N Turn tools from Kaiser Tool, the company experienced increased tool life.

In the Groove for 50 Years
It’s an American success story. In 1964, William and Hazel Kaiser founded a company to produce and market Thinbit, an innovative line of grooving tools. At first, the business operated out of the couple’s attic and garage. Fifty years later, the Kaiser Tool Company’s products continue to help shops such as Mack Tool and Engineering with successful solutions for demanding grooving applications.

Kaiser Tool Thinbit Form-A-Groove tooling

Grooving Tools Generate Complex Profiles
Kaiser Tool Co.'s Thinbit Form-A-Groove tooling can generate complex profiles in a single plunge.

Custom Form Tools for Complex Profiles
The company’s Form-A-Groove tooling can generate complex profiles in a single plunge.

Toolholders for a 30-60-Degree Angle
Groove ‘N Turn toolholders are available in 3/4" and 1" square and are used for making undercuts and thread reliefs at a 30-degree/60-degree angle.

Inserts for Static O-Ring Grooves
Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, offers an addition to the Groove ‘N Turn line for machining static O-ring grooves.

Dovetail Grooving Inserts
 Manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, the Groove ‘N Turn line includes dovetail grooving inserts that machine O-ring dovetail grooves with 66-degree undercut angles.


Dovetail Grooving Inserts
Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, has expanded its Groove ‘N Turn line to include dovetail grooving inserts. Dovetail grooving inserts are used to machine O-ring dovetail grooves with 66-degree undercut angles.

10 Considerations When Using Grooving Tools
The dynamics of chip formation and evacuation make grooving in turning operations unique in almost every way. Innovative insert designs and coatings can improve your grooving operation, but to be completely successful, there are some other things you should know.

OD Grooving Tool as Rougher

Multitasking Tools Cut More Than Grooves
Once, grooving tools were only thought of for making grooves or cutting off the part. Improved designs, materials and coatings make them perfect sense as all-purpose tools under the right conditions.

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