Integrated CAM Software Automates Data Transition From Engineering to Production

By: Emily Probst

By switching to CAMWorks software, Decimal Engineering was able to boost its throughput and quality while saving time and money.  


Mazak Leaders Share Observations of Machine Tool Market During Uncertain Year

By: Peter Zelinski

Cybersecurity, hybrid machines, automation and the state of the market among the topics addressed. Virtual event with product launches to be held August 11.

CNC & Mach Controls

How To Reference Custom Macro Variables by Name

By: Mike Lynch

FANUC now enables CNC users to reference custom macro system variables by names in addition to hard-to-remember numbers. Here’s how.

CNC & Mach Controls

5 Mistakes We Find in Most CNC Programs

By: Mike Lynch

While the mistakes listed here will not sound an alarm or cause a program to fail, they will cause confusion, wasted time and scrap parts.

Are Employees Really Replaceable?

By: Tim Sanders, Operations Manager, Titletown Manufacturing

Although an individual might consider themselves to be replaceable, an organization should not see their employees that way.
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Vertical Machining Centers

5 Hard Lessons from a 28-Year-Old Startup Machine Shop Owner

By: Peter Zelinski

Good fortune and years of long working hours have both figured into the success of this young shop, which became its founder’s sole employment starting last year. The shop owner shares his story.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Machine Monitoring Circles Back to Basics

By: Matt Danford

Deeper insights from more varied data are no replacement for manufacturing fundamentals. 

Hope Is an Asset: Here Are Machine Shops Following Clear Visions for the Future

By: Peter Zelinski

A simple strategy offering a clear aim to hope for is particularly valuable during a disruptive time. Recently posted articles offer examples of shops following clear ideas for the way ahead.

Cutting Tools

Cutting Tool Orders May Have Reached Low Point

By: Steven Kline, Jr.

The pandemic accelerated the contraction in metalworking and extended the accelerating contraction in cutting tool orders. But, the GBI: Metalworking indicates the lows in cutting tool orders may be in the past.

Cutting Tools

New Metalworking Products from Modern Machine Shop, July 2020

By: Jedd Cole

The latest technology from Bel Air Finishing Supply, Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems, 168 Manufacturing, Select Machining Technologies, and UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Systems

Video: Succession Planning, Stewardship and Generation Change in Machine Shops

By: Peter Zelinski

Leaders of Indiana Precision Grinding describe lessons learned related to succession planning and how the upcoming generation found its commitment to the business.

The Three Pillars of Reliable Machine Shop Productivity

By: Mark Albert

This shop looks for a systematic convergence of three disciplines in production management.