11th Annual Top Shops Benchmarking Program Opens with New Features

By: Jenny Rush

For 2021, Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops, the annual benchmarking program for CNC machine shops, is open year-round and includes a new sourcing platform.


When Organic Growth in Your Machine Shop Isn’t Enough

By: Brent Donaldson

Princeton Tool wanted to expand its portfolio, increase its West Coast presence, and become a stronger overall supplier. To accomplish all three goals at once, acquiring another machine shop became its best option.


Considering 3D Printing for Production? Start Here (Video)

By: Stephanie Hendrixson

3D printing is ready for production, but it isn't plug-and-play. Editors break down the issues to consider in this high-level conversation.

Metalworking Index Signals Slowing Expansion in November 2020

By: Michael Guckes

The Gardner Business Index: Metalwork fell to 50.2 in November 2020, indicating that while growth has continued, it is slowing and could turn to another contraction.

Automated Part Deburring, Cleaning in One System

By: Derek Korn

Palletized parts are transferred from a five-axis, high-pressure waterjet station to a cleaning station via linear motor to enable fast, automated finishing.


Shifting from On-Machine to Offline Programming

By: Emily Probst

In the midst of learning to program its CNC milling machines offline and the promise of using that experience to transfer more work to its Swiss-type lathe, an Ohio job shop is changing its company culture and taking on more complex work.


When to Use 2D or 3D Surface Measurement

By: George Schuetz

Instead of committing exclusively to 2D or 3D surface measurement, shops should consider their use cases.


Job Shop Automates Using Cobot Arm

By: Emily Probst

Loading and unloading a repetitive job was straining employees at B.I.C. Precision Machine, so the shop integrated a cobot arm from Absolute Machine Tools into its production process.

IMTS Spark: MMS Editors Choose Favorite Article of 2020

By: Emily Probst

The editors of Modern Machine Shop share observations of reporting on metalworking facilities and their conversations with metalworking leaders.

Exploring Virtual Internships in Manufacturing

By: Allison Giddens, President, Win-Tech Inc.

Allison Giddens of Win-Tech Inc. describes how she turned Win-Tech’s high school internship from COVID cancellation to virtual success.
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Milling Tools

Why Binderless CBN Inserts Turn Titanium Faster

By: Matt Danford

A new formulation of cubic boron nitride could provide a more solid alternative to cemented carbide as finish-machining becomes more demanding. 

Can Nanotechnology Redefine Metalworking Fluid?

By: Matt Danford

Tiny onions provide a maintenance-reducing alternative to hazardous chemicals for cooling and lubricating parts.