Data-Driven Manufacturing

Using AI for Predictive Maintenance, Employee Development

By: Eli Plaskett

Maximo from IBM Watson can use "true AI" software to implement predictive maintenance and AR-assisted repair using the sensors that come standard on CNC machine tools.


Practical Approaches to Automation

By: Emily Probst

Automation isn't just useful for large volumes of the same part. Today, it is increasingly being used in machine shops for high-mix, low-volume jobs.

Solving the Education Gap

By: Grady Cope, Owner, Reata Engineering

One way that shops can address the skills gap and the looming labor dilemma is to start making their own talent.
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New CMMs Gather More Data, Faster, for Automotive QC Department

By: Jedd Cole

Continental’s single-touch-probe CMM was bogging down quality control and limiting the information the company could glean for safety inspections. Two Altera CMMs from LK Metrology cut cycle times and increased insight. 

IMTS spark: Drivers of Revenue and Profit Margin at Top Shops

By: Jenny Rush

Gardner Business Media's Chief Data Officer Steve Kline shares insights and trends from over a decade of the Top Shops benchmarking program.

Managing Generation Z in Manufacturing

By: Mark Rohlfs, President, East Coast Precision Manufacturing

The next generation of manufacturing employees have a solid work ethic and vast technical skills that provide value in the machine shop. 
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Cutting Tools

Increasing Productivity in Drilling Holes in Steel

A new three-fluted drill designed for high production can improve the speed of drilling holes in steel by 50% while improving roundness and accuracy.

IMTS Spark Knowledge Centers Provide In-Depth Manufacturing Information

By: Evan Doran

Gardner Business Media and AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology have partnered to produce in-depth knowledge centers addressing key topics in manufacturing that will shape the industry in years to come.


A Methodical Strategy to Bring Additive Manufacturing into Sheet Metal Fabrication

By: Brent Donaldson

When Wilson Tool International launched its additive manufacturing division in 2018, it had already proven 3D printing’s value through dozens of printed parts for its own line of equipment. Demonstrating that value to customers required a new, highly focused approach.

Metalworking Index Posts ‘No-Change’ Month in September

By: Michael Guckes

Metalworking posted a ‘no-change’ (reading of 50.0) month in September thanks to expanding production and new orders activity for the first time since COVID-19 began disrupting the global economy.

Shop Management Software

Global Shop Solutions' ERP System Streamlines Production and Sales

By: Evan Doran

Selecting an ERP software can be difficult. Finding a system that was flexible and worked with both sides of its business was important for Brunswick Steel as it switched to ERP from Global Shop Solutions. 


Industrializing AM: A Simple Cost Equation

By: Timothy W. Simpson

The costs of AM are still throttling its adoption.