A Methodical Strategy to Bring Additive Manufacturing into Sheet Metal Fabrication

By: Brent Donaldson

When Wilson Tool International launched its additive manufacturing division in 2018, it had already proven 3D printing’s value through dozens of printed parts for its own line of equipment. Demonstrating that value to customers required a new, highly focused approach.

Metalworking Index Posts ‘No-Change’ Month in September

By: Michael Guckes

Metalworking posted a ‘no-change’ (reading of 50.0) month in September thanks to expanding production and new orders activity for the first time since COVID-19 began disrupting the global economy.

Shop Management Software

Global Shop Solutions' ERP System Streamlines Production and Sales

By: Evan Doran

Selecting an ERP software can be difficult. Finding a system that was flexible and worked with both sides of its business was important for Brunswick Steel as it switched to ERP from Global Shop Solutions. 


Industrializing AM: A Simple Cost Equation

By: Timothy W. Simpson

The costs of AM are still throttling its adoption.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

5 Best Practices for Manufacturing Cybersecurity

By: Matt Danford

A Department of Defense (DoD) push to protect data by vetting suppliers more thoroughly illuminates how any CNC machining business can improve. 

Five-Axis Machining Expands Its Range

By: Tom Beard

Advancements in 5-axis machines, controls and software have made this technology so productive and easy to use that it can now benefit a much broader range of shops.

Podcast: Shaping the Industrial Buying Process

By: Jenny Rush

Dave Necessary, Gardner Business Media's director of strategic engagement, shares key insights from 2020 Industrial Buying Influence Report on Industrial Strength Marketing podcast.


Trained in a Day, Automated Inspector Performs Faster than Humans

By: Julia Hider

Using recent technological innovations in robotics, optics, edge computing and artificial intelligence, MusashiAI has developed an automated visual inspection system that could free a significant portion of the automotive workforce to perform easier, more interesting tasks. 


Automating the Indicator Calibration Process

By: George Schuetz

Eliminate human error when calibrating precision hand tools by leveraging modern vision systems. 

Shop Management Software

ProShop DME Streamlines Job Shop Operations

By: Evan Doran

Illinois-based job shop 3D Industries had difficulty managing its communication and data, a trouble that disappeared after the company began using Adion Systems’ ProShop DME.


3D Printing, Generative Design Put This EV on a "Diet"

By: Stephanie Hendrixson

Redesigning and consolidating the components of Arcimoto's Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) will bring this small electric car into the realm of micromobility. More in a recent episode of The Cool Parts Show.

20 Years of “The Z Axis”

By: Peter Zelinski

Peter Zelinski notes the 20-year anniversary of his monthly column for Modern Machine Shop, offering reflections on writing this column for machining leaders and professionals over the span of two decades.