Webinar: Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19

By: Emily Probst

In the wake of the coronavirus, it is important for manufacturers to re-examine existing supply chain strategies. Don’t miss this upcoming webinar series about developing local supply chains to make turn-around times shorter, ensure continued production and improve profit.

Machinging Centers

A Job Shop Approach to Automation

By: Eli Plaskett

Through patient research and smart investing, this job shop has slowly grown its capabilities and is moving toward lights-out manufacturing for prototype work.

Gardner Business Media President Sees Meaning in General Media Attention to Manufacturing, Asks for Stories

By: Peter Zelinski

Both the importance and the technological advance of manufacturing are becoming more widely seen. Modern Machine Shop’s publisher is helping with this visibility.

Working from Home? Change Your Address

By: Emily Probst

If you are working remotely or from a new location, you can change your Modern Machine Shop magazine subscription delivery by updating your address via our web forms.


Ease of Use Is Key for Shopfloor CMM Inspection

By: Emily Probst

This San Diego manufacturing company simplifies its inspection processes with equipment from Keyence.


Guide for Healthcare Providers: How to Find (and Talk to) 3D Printing Professionals

By: Stephanie Hendrixson

If you are a medical professional in the U.S., you've likely heard that 3D printing can be an answer to equipment shortages. Here's how to find local 3D printing specialists and how to talk to them once you have. 

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Can Sharing CNC Data Lift the Machining Industry?

By: Matt Danford

Masses of anonymous metrics arrive ahead of even the leading economic indicators and help machine shops benchmark performance.
#datamatters #covid-19

What Comes Next: The Beginning of a Reshoring Policy for U.S. Manufacturing

By: Peter Zelinski

The current crisis is a reckoning. Right now, the challenge is saving livings. But once we are free to look ahead, let’s learn the lessons and prepare ourselves better for the next crisis that comes.
#zaxis #covid-19

Data-Driven Manufacturing

In a Machine Shop, the Labor of Lean is Data-Driven

By: Matt Danford

Approximating single-piece flow in a job shop environment requires an ongoing commitment to analyzing and acting on evidence. 


Additive Manufacturing in the Age of COVID-19

By: Timothy W. Simpson

Reporting from the front lines of the fight against Coronavirus — how my journey began.
#additiveinsights #covid-19


OEMs and Job Shops See Metal Additive Manufacturing Differently

By: Peter Zelinski

When should a machine shop consider production metal 3D printing? Part of the answer might be when that machine shop also does design. Cobra Aero is a small shop thriving with AM, because it’s also an OEM.

Turn/Mill Machines

At Purdue University, Emergency Production of PPE and Ventilator Fittings

By: Brent Donaldson

After campus had largely shut down, several labs and departments at the venerated engineering school organized with local hospitals to manufacture critical parts needed to fight the coronavirus.