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Röhm Products of America Inc. (Suwanee, Georgia) has acquired Master WorkHolding Inc.(Morganton, North Carolina). 

“With Master WorkHolding joining the Röhm team, we will be able to deliver even more comprehensive workholding and automation solutions,” says Matthew Mayer, CEO of Röhm Products of America. “Both companies have prioritized helping manufacturers obtain quality solutions that maximize productivity and throughput, and this acquisition will make it even easier for our customers to obtain the highest levels of efficiency in turning, milling, grinding and robotic applications.”

BI-MU, the biennial Italian machine tool trade show, returned to the Fiera Milano convention center this year with new features and a focus on digitalization. The show’s theme of “the digital era of machine tools” was reflected in a section of booths devoted to start-ups, which included software, sensor and 3D-printing companies.

Additive manufacturing was a popular topic outside of the start-up area as well. During the show, the Associazione Italiana Tecnologie Additive (AITA) booth hosted presentations on a range of additive manufacturing topics given by companies including 3D Systems, HP, Renishaw and Siemens as part of the show’s BI-MUpiù Additive program.

Buzzwords like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 and Big Data are floating around the industry, and some of that buzz is probably very useful for the right application and for large production companies. But is this really what a job shop needs? Do shops want to stream all their shop data to the cloud right now, or is it more important to connect their existing equipment to monitor individual machine tools’ uptime and optimize workflow first? To address this situation, let’s break it down in some small pieces that shop owners should consider before they jump into the pool with the “data sharks” who offer sophisticated systems that are seemingly designed to analyze an entire company’s global production with countless bar graphs and pie charts that only a data scientist will understand.

To begin, our first recommendation is to start on the shop floor because that is where the data should be collected and analyzed first. This is the place where the shop makes parts. It’s where the machine operators are working, programming and running the machine tools. It’s where shop personnel see firsthand if they are making good parts and why the machines are running or not.

“Nobody truly understands the opportunities available in manufacturing. To do that, you need to look at the entire picture,” says Terry Iverson, president of Iverson and Company (a machine tool distributor and rebuilder in Des Plaines, Illinois) and founder of ChampionNow!, an acronym that stands for “Change How American Manufacturing’s Perceived In Our Nation.”

I sat down with Mr. Iverson in the Smartforce Student Summit during the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in September to talk with him about his new book, “Finding America’s Greatest Champion: Building Prosperity through Manufacturing, Mentoring and the Awesome Responsibility of Parenting.” The book includes interviews with more than 40 professionals, including corporate leaders, athletes, politicians, manufacturers, educators, parents and more, to share their thoughts on topics such as mentorship, parenting and the importance of manufacturing in the United States. Largely, the book is designed to paint the picture of what opportunities are available to today’s youth.

With CNC machines and tooling becoming more accessible to everyone, manufacturing is becoming an increasingly competitive landscape. What should companies focus on to stay ahead of the competition? Where can companies gain more profitability when so many companies have similar machines and tooling? These questions are commonplace in manufacturing facilities today.

In a webinar presented at 2 p.m. ET October 25 by Michael Buchli of Solidworks, learn options that are helping manufacturing companies take advantage of missed productivity and profit. Primary topics include:

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