CNC Machining and Manufacturing Students Find CAM Software Intuitive

By: Emily Probst

A Lincoln College of Technology machining instructor details the most useful features of Mastercam — his school’s software of choice.

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Learn How Additive Manufacturing Will Change Production at AM In-Depth

By: Stephanie Hendrixson

3D printing will change how parts and products are manufactured. Get a front-row seat at this free educational series running through IMTS Spark.

Machine Shop Scale-Up Mirrors Past Success

By: Matt Danford

An aerospace manufacturer doubles down on a subset of work and a knack for turning shopfloor problem solving into marketable new products.


Metal Additive Manufacturing: Multitasking’s Latest Trend

By: Derek Korn

Why are an increasing number of machine tool builders adding additive manufacturing to their equipment’s already versatile machining capabilities? Because additive and subtractive are complementary. 

Turning Machines

High-Production Multitasking Becoming More Flexible

By: Derek Korn

Platforms such as multi-spindles and rotary transfer machines remain well-suited for high-volume production but are now more accommodating to smaller batch sizes.

Turn/Mill Machines

Turn-Mills: Being About the B-Axis

By: Derek Korn

With the addition of powerful B-axis milling spindles and automatic toolchangers, turn-mills combine the best of milling and turning worlds.

Turn/Mill Machines

Multitasking Machining Equipment: Now the New Normal

By: Derek Korn

Machine tools that can perform turning, milling and other operations on one platform offer process efficiencies that more and more shops are leveraging to their advantage.

Turn/Mill Machines

Swiss-Types Offer Advantages Beyond Watchmaking

By: Derek Korn

CNC sliding headstock lathes are becoming more popular among traditional machine shops for their multitasking capabilities, some offering B-axis milling spindles.


Taking an Automated Aerospace Approach

By: Derek Korn

A flexible manufacturing system helps an Indiana job shop run a high mix of aerospace work for long stretches of time and function more like a contract shop.

Cutting Tools

Eliminating Human Error with a Closed-Loop Boring Bar System

By: Julia Hider

Rigibore’s ActiveEdge boring bars and Zenith system automatically adjust based on in-process measurement data, reducing scrap and aiding in lights out machining.


Getting Ready for Additive Manufacturing

By: Timothy W. Simpson

Readiness needs to be assessed on multiple fronts as companies seek to industrialize additive manufacturing.