Simulation Gets Real

By: Matt Danford

Capability to generate something close to a true digital twin can significantly improve confidence in CAM program prove-outs.

Shop Management Software

How to Choose an ERP System for Your Data-Driven Machine Shop

By: Lauri Klaus, CEO and Founder, KeyedIn Solutions

Manufacturers with an ERP system in place should re-evaluate the system as the essential forerunner of and foundation for emerging data-driven manufacturing concepts.


Digitalized Job Shop Scales Up

By: Matt Danford

New software sparks new thinking about meeting quality certification requirements without stifling growth.


Tips for Choosing Filter Settings When Measuring Round Shapes

By: George Schuetz

When interpreting measurement data, the correct filter setting is necessary to see the difference between surface roughness and part roundness. 

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Communication Clears Machine Monitoring's Morale Hurdles

By: Jedd Cole

When pen-and-paper methods of tracking job efficiency left AccuRounds’ engineers and managers in the dark, the shop switched to MachineMetrics. But machine monitoring brought morale challenges along with it. 
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The Circular Economy, Sustainability and Manufacturing

By: Stephanie Hendrixson

Sustainability means much more than recycling. Achieving a circular economy starts with decisions made long before the part or product reaches the user; a furniture manufacturer provides an example.

Next Generation Cleaning Technology Handles More Complex Parts

By: Lori Beckman

New parts cleaning processes are developing that can handle more complex parts in more environmentally friendly ways.

Shop Management Software

3 Reasons Machine Shops are Paying Attention to ERP

By: Peter Zelinski

Awareness of people and the value of their efforts accounts for part of the reason why we are seeing enterprise resource planning being taken more seriously.

Turn/Mill Machines

Tackling the Aerospace Supplier’s Dilemma: Scalability

By: Brent Donaldson

Automation and robotics can go a long way toward increasing capacity and growing a business dedicated to aerospace manufacturing. But Trinity Precision has learned that refining the indirect and unseen aspects of its operations can be just as valuable.

Turn/Mill Machines

Growing Closer: Machine Shops and 3D Printing for Production

By: Brent Donaldson

Machining a large 3D-printed part for aerospace composite tooling is fundamentally different than manufacturing the part traditionally. Baker Industries knows this first-hand.

CNC & Mach Controls

Voice Control of Machine Tools has Arrived

Voice interface technology has come of age and is now found on a wide variety of products such as phones, tablets, PCs, TV remotes and many other devices.  Why not on machine tools as well?

Just This Once, You Can Blame the Gage

By: George Schuetz

Even the old, reliable gage is subject to wear. George Schuetz, director of precision gages at Mahr inc., gives guidance for machinists to maintain their gages.