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Awarded first place in a pre-IMTS product innovation contest, Sandvik Coromant’s newest Silent Tools actually have a lot to say. Named for their vibration-damping capabilities, the toolholder line’s latest additions act as a machinist’s eyes and ears within the workzone by communicating cutting-condition data in real time.

Judged by members of AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology, the IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Product Innovation Competition awarded extra promotion in print and digital media for winning products. This is said to further the show’s overall goal of connecting sellers and buyers. Products were evaluated on their degree of technical innovation; their benefits for industry, environment and society; ease of implementation and implementation readiness; cost-efficiency; and test results from industrial applications.

Employ Creative Fixturing – There is a time for machining a single part at a time in a vice, but in production work, that method crushes productivity. With creative fixturing, there are myriad ways to get more out of each machining cycle.

Add a Fourth Axis – A standard rotary table is of limited value on a vertical machining center because it typically won’t provide access to multiple sides of a part. However, a vertical rotary indexer with a tailstock provides a variety of opportunities to machine multiple sides of a part, or multiple parts, in a single setup.

Every edition of the IMTS Smartforce Student Summit features new and exciting opportunities for students and educators in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and this 11th edition is no exception. This year, experiences such as Learning Labs, a Manufacturing Classroom of the Future, Student Mentor Labs, a FIRST Robotics display and more are offering attendees deep dives into the latest technology and industry trends, as well as career and technical education opportunities. 

The Student Summit runs every day during the show, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the North Building, Hall C. Students of all ages are welcome to attend, including elementary, middle school, high school and college/technical school students.

By: Patrick Barney 12. September 2018

Make Your Way to the ETC - Digital Transformation

The word “automation,” as it circles the manufacturing community these days, brings up images of unmanned machines running for hours on end and articulated robot arms tending long production cycles. It makes sense, then, that the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) in the North Building, presented by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, is focused on automated manufacturing.

AMT’s ETC Digital Transformation features a demonstration of a vertical CNC mill tended by an articulated arm through a Robot Operating System-Industrial (ROS-I) interface. The collaborative robot arm autonomously transfers milled parts to a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The center also showcases other digital innovations that are well suited for the aerospace, automotive, medical and energy sector applications.

By: Dave Necessary 12. September 2018

Modern Machine Shop, Cover to Cover

At IMTS 2018, the Modern Machine Shop Top Shops attraction will include a display featuring more than 1,000 Modern Machine Shop covers. Beginning with the debut issue in June 1928, the display spans nine decades of manufacturing history concluding with Modern Machine Shop’s September 2018 IMTS issue. These covers tell stories—stories about new applications being developed and new technologies being applied, stories about new innovations and new industries emerging. Most importantly, they tell stories about people—manufacturing dreamers and doers—leaders like you that understand the need to improve and help create the stories we tell. Be sure to visit booth #236600 at the entrance to McCormick Place’s North Building to experience manufacturing history through 90 years of Modern Machine Shop covers.

As you view 90 years worth of Modern Machine Shop covers, keep an eye open for the following and shoot and share your favorites on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #CNCtheFuture:

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