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HEULE Precision Tools

We make more than the highest quality precision cutting tools; we make progress.

Combination Drilling/Chamfering Tool

Patented self-centering cutting geometry sets new benchmarks in drilling technology Solid carbide drill tip combined with patented SNAP chamfering system High drilling performance with short chips, even with long chipping materials Large chip channel optimizes swarf evacuation Quick and easy drill tip and chamfer blade replacement No pre-setting between drill changes Ideal for high-production environments Typical applications include brake discs, tube applications, wheel hubs  Available from stock for immediate delivery in sizes from 5 mm to 12 mm Customized designs available for special application needs

The Universal Deburring Tool

Specifically designed for front and back deburring on even and uneven bore edges using CNC machinery Perfect for a range of cross hole deburring applications including sloped bores ID/OD deburring No stopping or reversing the spindle Even and consistent edge break Suitable for all ranges of machine materials Available in smaller sizes for micro-deburring applications Coated carbide blades guarantee a long tool life and faster feeds and speeds Typical applications include forks, yokes, common rails, castings, tubes with cross bores, and other work pieces with cross bores in main bores     Available from stock for immediate delivery in sizes from 2 mm to 41 mm (0.090" to 1.614") Cassette option available for larger hole sizes 

The Precision Chamfering Leader

A simple tool for deburring and/or chamfering through holes on the top and bottom No need to reverse the spindle, dwelling, or indexing the part Ideal choice for high volume manufacturing Carbide inserts coated with TIN, TiCN or TiAlN  Easy blade changes increase production efficiency Blades are ground with patented geometry developed by HEULE to produce quality chamfers and eliminate secondary burrs Solid body design provides the highest durability of any deburring tool Coated carbide blades ensure long tool life Available from stock for immediate delivery in sizes from 2 mm to 25 mm (.079"-.984") Cassette option available from stock for larger hole sizes 

DEFA The Adjustable Chamfering Tool

Controlled chamfers over a range of adjustments Chamfering thickness can be infinitely adjusted directly on the tool, depending on the bore dimension No reversing the spindle or indexing the work piece saves cycle time Front and back or only back chamfering of bores in hard-to-machine or highly burr-forming materials  Ideal for Inconel and other exotic materials Dual cutting system for machining bores with longitudinal grooves, cross-bores and open bores with discontinuous cut Exchangeable carbide blade with material-specific coating  Blade geometry has a sliding surface that allows cutting chamfers without damage to the bore surface or of the thread during penetration Widely used by the world's leading aerospace manufacturers Available from stock for immediate delivery in sizes from 4 mm-36.2 mm (.157"-1.425") for front and back cutting or back cutting only geometry 

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Vex-S tool from Heule

Drilling and Chamfering Tool Solves Machine Shop's Vexing Problem
An oil & gas part with a lot of holes required that Utex use two different tools to ensure burr-free inner and outer diameters. With Heule’s Vex-S tool, the shop realized time savings per cycle of an entire minute by performing drilling and chamfering in a single step.

Heule’s BSF tool

Back-Spotfacing Tool Reaches Difficult Areas
Eastec 2019: Heule’s BSF tool is engineered for automated, high-volume back-spotfacing applications to save time and cost.

Birchwood Technologies’s water-based inhibitors and sealants

November 2018 Product Spotlight: Cleaning and Deburring
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on equipment used to finish parts by removing burrs, oils and other contaminants.

Gary Brown speaking to a group of sales agents at the Heule booth

Swiss Family Heule Welcomes Questions and Discussion
When entering a booth at IMTS with a mission to learn more about a particular technology or ask a specific question, it is always comforting to be greeted by welcoming booth staff who are knowledgeable as well.

Heule Tool will display its COFA-X tooling system at IMTS 2018

Tools Deburr Uneven, Intersecting, Interior Bore Edges
IMTS 2018: Heule Tool’s COFA-X tooling system is designed to remove burrs from uneven, interior bore edges with large intersections, such as valves, fittings and hydraulic manifolds.

Heule North America Celebrates 30 Years

Heule North America Celebrates 30 Years in Operation
On its 30th anniversary, Heule North America celebrated by inviting sales agents, customers, distributors, friends and family to an open house.

Part with back spotfaced features

Back-Spotfacing Tool Frees Production from Costly Bottlenecks
By removing the need to detach and reattach the cutting head in a traditional back-spotfacing process, a cutting tool from Heule saved Sicom Industries two to three hours per part.  

Screenshot of the Heule Tool website

Heule Tool Launches New Website
The site includes a case studies section and pages dedicated to specific industries with the goal of improving product education and purchasing decisions.

Heule Tool COFA-X tooling

Tooling Removes Burrs from Cross Holes
Heule Tool introduces its COFA-X tooling, said to be the first tooling system for removing burrs consistently from interior uneven bore edges with large intersections

Bored holes

Deburring Tools Come in Four Application-Specific Versions
Heule Tool’s X-Bore tooling for the automated deburring of cross bores is available in four chipmaking tool versions to address four different challenges of deburring: Cofa, Cofa-X, Main Bore Tool and Cross Bore Deburring Tool.

Heule Precision Tools SF back-spotfacing tool

Tool Performs Counterboring, Spotfacing in Difficult-to-Access Areas
Heule Precision Tools’ BSF tool for automated, high-volume back-spotfacing and counterboring enables a counterbore ratio of 2.3×D.

Heule Tool catalog

Drilling, Back-Spotfacing Tools Highlighted
Heule Tool Corp. covers its full product line in a 228-page catalog that includes technical data, illustrations, programming and instructional information, as well as application reference material.

Heule Micro Cofa series catalog

Micro-Carbide Tools for Deburring
Heule Precision Tools offers a catalog on its Micro Cofa series of front and back universal deburring tools.

See a Quick Way to Deburr Holes in Contoured Surfaces
This video shows a device that enables machine tools to quickly deburr both sides of through holes in elliptical and contoured surfaces.

A Quick Way to Deburr Holes in Contoured Surfaces
This video shows a device that enables machine tools to quickly deburr both sides of through holes in elliptical and contoured surfaces.

Micro Snap Catalog Supplement
Heule Tool Corporation offers a catalog supplement for the Micro Snap front- and back-chamfering tool, which is available in various sizes starting at 2.0 mm.

Front and Back Chamfering Tool for Small Holes
The Micro Snap series of carbide deburring tools is suited for all-purpose, single-pass, front and back deburring and chamfering of through holes measuring between 0.079" and 0.197" (2 and 5 mm).

Drill And Chamfer In A Single Operation
The Vex-S drilling and chamfering tool combines the company’s Snap chamfering system with the Vex twist drill in order to drill and front/back chamfer a through-hole in a single operation. The combination tool offers a solid carbide, replaceable twist drill tip with the company’s Vex cutting geometry, which is desi

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