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Machining a Complex Part in a One-Man Shop
Feature recognition and efficient workholding let this shop cost-effectively produce an intricate part that was bigger than the machine tool's travels.

Integrated CAM Software Automates Data Transition From Engineering to Production

Integrated CAM Software Automates Data Transition From Engineering to Production
By switching to CAMWorks software, Decimal Engineering was able to boost its throughput and quality while saving time and money.  

CAMWorks 2020 Provides SolidWorks Support

CAMWorks 2020 Provides SolidWorks Support
HCL Technologies has developed CAMWorks 2020 with enhancements designed to assist machine shops in advancing their Smart Manufacturing practices.

CAMWorks ShopFloor Unifies CAD/CAM Part Data to Avoid Errors

CAMWorks ShopFloor Unifies CAD/CAM Part Data to Avoid Errors
CAMWorks ShopFloor provides tools for companies to adopt so-called smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives by moving beyond 2D drawings or static digital files.

CAMWorks 2016 five axis drilling

CAM Software Eases Design-to-Manufacture Process
Geometric Ltd. has released the 2016 version of CAMWorks for 3D CNC machining applications, with features designed to improve productivity, ease the move from design to production, and minimize the cost of design and manufacturing changes.

CAM Software Automates Programming for Solid Edge CAD Models
Geometric Ltd. has released CAMWorks 2015, which runs within Siemens’ Solid Edge ST8 software as an integrated CAM application.

Geometric CAMWorks 2014

Complete CAD/CAM Software Solution Update
The 2014 version of Geometric’s CAMWorks software is designed to be a complete CAD/CAM solution for CNC programming, from initial part design to full machine simulation.

Geometric Technologies CAMWorks 2013

Solid-Based CNC Programming
The 2013 release of Geometric Technologies’ CAMWorks solid-based CNC programming software is designed for easier programming and faster toolpath machining.

Geometric CAMWorksXpress

Entry-Level CAM Software Cuts Programming Time
Geometric’s CAMWorksXpress CAM package is designed for 2.5D machining.

Tomak Precision

Integrated Software Provides Competitive Edge
CAMWorks with VoluMill from Geometric Technologies helped this shop quickly generate programs from submitted solid models as well as improve cycle times, tool life and machine life.

Software Enables Design Collaboration By Email
Version 8.0 of Geometric’s eDrawings Professional for Solid Edge is an email-enabled collaboration tool designed to ease the sharing and interpretation of 2D and 3D product design data.

Excel-Based Reports Facilitate Manufacturability Issue Tracking
Geometric Limited offers version 2.3 of DFMPro for Pro/Engineer.

Solid-Based CNC Programming Solution
The company will preview CAMWorks 2011, the upcoming version of its solid-based CNC programming solution.

Solid-Based CNC Programming Solution
CAMWorks 2010 is the company’s latest version of its solid-based CNC programming solution.

Performance Optimization For Multi-Core Machines
Version 2. 2 of Geometric’s GeomCaliper for CATIA V5 and GeomCaliper for Pro/ENGINEER products features enhancements primarily related to performance improvement. A featured update includes code optimization to leverage the computation power of multi-core machines resulting in a reduction of computation time on dual-core machines as compared to single-core machines.

tool machines chamfers

Making Programming Hands-Free (Almost)
Feature-recognition CAM software helps this technology company's internal mold shop deliver critical molds more quickly. A programmer is still needed, but the software automation saves considerable time.


The Right Start For A Fine Finish
Developers of CAM software have introduced many programming features for the initial removal of excess stock prior to finishing operations. By preparing the workpiece surface for more effective finishing, these roughing routines often determine how efficiently a CNC machining center can perform.

analyzing the geometry

Feature Recognition--The Missing Link To Automated CAM
Software that analyzes design geometry and identifies what is a pocket, a hole, a slot or another machinable shape promises to have a major impact on the productivity of CNC programmers.

ProCAM Screen Capture

Working With Customers--And Vendors
Apex Mold and Die was preparing to purchase its second Sharnoa CNC machine. At the time, Sharnoa was working with TekSoft to integrate ProCAM software into the machine's PC-based controller. That enabled Sharnoa users to create the cutter paths at the machine and then run the program.

Models for camera parts

Polaroid Improves Manufacturing Output By Leaps And Bounds
The problem with Polaroid's previous approach to using the manufacturing function of the CAD system or a CAM product to create tool paths, from a machining perspective, was that tremendous training was required first to understand how to work in solids as well as how to use the MCAD product and the CAM machining software.

New Level In Knowledge-Based CAM
The CAM system is a repository of manufacturing process knowledge that, once it recognizes workpiece geometry as meeting a predefined set of conditions, can automatically generate both process plan and tool paths with little or no operator input at all.

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