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Zoller Smart Factory Solutions.

Zoller Smart Factory Solutions Promotes Consistent, Accurate Data Usage
Westec 2019: Zoller Smart Factory Solutions connects production process steps for efficiency, less scrap and to secure data transfer across facilities.

Presetting Machine Spindle Ensures Accurate Change-Over
Eastec 2019: The Zoller Venturion is made from fine components to ensure users have a reliable machine to preset and measure their tools.

Zoller Joins OMIC Research Collaborative
Zoller has joined the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D) to support industry developments in advanced metals manufacturing through the combination of resources and knowledge.

Zoller Smart Manufacturing Facility

Managing Cutting Tool Resources Through Shopfloor Connectivity
A manufacturer of cutting tool measuring equipment says that by using the data already available from devices such as tool presetters and vending systems, shops can easily establish an effective “smart” tool management system.

Zoller Venturion presetting and measuring machine

Presetting, Measuring Machine Increases Reliability
IMTS 2018: Zoller’s Venturion is a presetting and measuring machine for a range of tools.

Zoller Showcases "Smart Factory" Solutions at Open House Event
Zoller Inc. recently showcased its “Smart Factory” solutions at an Open House and Innovations Days event at its new headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Presetting, Measuring Machine Works in Digital, Networked Environments
EMO 2017: Zoller will showcase its Venturion presetting and measuring machine, which is designed for process reliability in a digital, networked environment and is also offered with BIS-V RFID technology for data transfer to the machine.

Ribbon cutting at Rego-Fix

From Universal Tool Clamping to Automated Presetting
The opening of Rego-Fix's new U.S. headquarters caps a long series of developments in precision tool clamping technology.

Management System Keeps Tools Organized
PMTS 2017: The ToolOrganizer from Zoller Inc. works in conjunction with the company’s TMS Tool Management Solutions Silver software package to keep tooling components organized.

zoller tool clamping and measurement cell

Automated Tool Clamping, Measurement
This system combines tool presetting with tool clamping to automatically set, measure and clamp tools.

Zoller tool operator

Tool Management System Pumps up Plant-Wide Communication
Zoller’s Tool Management System helped Bosch Rexroth streamline tool design, product manufacturing and tool quality. As a result, the plant has seen a reduction in quality issues and an increase in production efficiency.

Modern Machine Shop cover October 2014

Adopting a 24/7 Mindset
This shop considered a number of factors before establishing an effective process to run an HMC cell around the clock for applications in aerospace, oilfield and other industries.

Zoller 3dCheck five-axis CNC measurement machine

3D Measurement Machine Eliminates Need for Reference Points, Backdrops
Zoller’s 3dCheck five-axis CNC measurement machine enables fully automatic measurement and evaluation of current standard geometries of round tools.

Automotive Industry is Booming in Germany
Before heading off to Esslingen, Germany (near Stuttgart) to help Index celebrate its 100th anniversary, my publisher told me that the area is “the Detroit of Germany.” I soon found that to be an apt description as a large number of shops I visited were heavily vested in automotive manufacturing. What’s even more noteworthy is that business was booming.

offline presetting of tools

Presetting Becomes Prevalent
Next Intent implemented presetting and shrink-fit toolholding when it bought a five-axis machining center, but it has since seen these resources deliver value to machining centers throughout the shop.

Zoller Smile presetter and measurement machine

Tool Presetter Offers User-Friendly Operating System
The Smile presetter and measurement machine from Zoller features a user-friendly interface and a new ergonomic table system design.

Zoller pomSkpGo

Desktop Measuring Machine for Edge Rounding
The Zoller pomSkpGo portable desktop measuring machine is designed for measuring and preparing cutting edges.

Zoller RoboSet

Robot Increases Tool Measuring Accuracy
Zoller’s RoboSet features a six-axis articulated arm robot equipped with a force-moment strain gage and two pneumatic parallel grippers.

Zoller tool realityCheck

Software Module Prevents Collisions
The software module tool realityCheck from Zoller is designed to provide fast, precise collision checks during setup.

Partnership Simplifies Tool Library Creation
CGTech (Irvine, California), the developer of Vericut CNC verification and simulation software, and Zoller, a supplier of tool presetting and measuring machines, have announced a partnership to better serve the customer base of both companies.

Ryazan CNC lathe

Minimizing Turnaround Times for Big Parts
The key to success (and the primary challenge) for any job shop is minimizing turnaround time for non-repeating work. This Indiana shop shares some of its strategies for reducing lead times for the various large-scale jobs it encounters.

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Balancing Machines
Comparators, Optical & Other
Digital Readout (DRO) Units
Direct or Distributive Numerical Control (DNC) Systems
Gear Inspection Equipment
Software, Post Processors, Stand-Alone (Sold Independent of CAM System)
Tool Crib Control Software
Tool Presetters
Tool Storage & Handling Systems
Vision Systems

Trade Names

genius 3
pilot 3.0 vision system
TMS Tool Management Solutions
ZOLLER myTouch pilot 2 mT