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Superior Clamping and Gripping SCHUNK GmbH & CO.

SCHUNK SYNERGY - Toolholding, Workholding and Automation  

SCHUNK Toolholding Looking for productivity increases and costs decreases?

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Schunk Clamping Force Block Provides Automation Entry Point

Schunk Clamping Force Block Provides Automation Entry Point
Schunk’s Tandem PSG3-LH 100 clamping force block provides a low-maintenance solution for transitioning into automation for basic aluminum and plastics machining applications.

Schunk iTendo Toolholder Monitors Machining Processes
The Schunk iTendo toolholder records metal cutting processes, monitors previously defined limit values and enables real-time adaptive control of rotation speed and feed rate.

Schunk Appoints VP of Toolholding and Workholding Sales
Allan Logan has more than 20 years of industry experience and has been with Schunk since 2018. 

Schunk's Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13 Clamps Small Parts

Schunk's Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13 Clamps Small Parts
Schunk’s Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13 is a completely sealed miniature clamping module specifically for metalcutting, assembly, handling and measurement applications.

Schunk's Tendo Slim 4ax Now Available with Coolant-Through

Schunk's Tendo Slim 4ax Now Available with Coolant-Through
Schunk now offers a version of its Tendo Slim 4ax with Cool-Flow coolant-through technology. 

Schunk's Rota NCR-A Maintains Grip by Preventing Grease Contamination

Schunk's Rota NCR-A Maintains Grip by Preventing Grease Contamination
The Rota NCR-A, a sealed six-jaw pendulum compensation chuck from Schunk, is designed with seals at the jaw interface and the piston to keep the grease from being washed out.

loads itself banner photo

A Shop Where a Machine Loads Itself
Instead of investing in an external robotic loading system, this shop adopted technology that lets a machine tool load parts on its own.

Schunk’s Kontec KSC clamping vise

Schunk Kontec KSC Vise Optimized for Use with Palletized Automation
The Schunk Kontec KSC clamping vises are made for raw and finished part machining.

Schunk Grippers Now Assembled in USA
The new facility, combined with investments in personnel and equipment over the next five years, represents another $60 million for the region’s economy and roughly 100 new jobs.

Schunk PGN-Plus-P gripper

Pneumatic Gripper Provides Greater Grip Force
Schunk’s PGN-Plus-P gripper features enlarged supporting dimensions between the six load-bearing shoulders of the multi-tooth guidance, allowing higher moment capacity, in turn accommodating longer fingers and greater loads.

fanuc robot jimtof 2018

Three Expectations for Robotic Automation
Shops take some modern robot capabilities as given, but a recent trade show in Japan demonstrated ways those capabilities continue to improve.

Schunk Vero-S

Workholding Enables Stress-Relief Reclamping
IMTS 2018: The Schunk Vero-S Aviation product line is designed to rigidly clamp large parts accurately and enable the user to release the part enough to allow the part to move (compensate) due to the stresses of machining without fully releasing the part.

A human and a cobot with a Schunk Co-act gripper working in close proximity

Collaborative Robot Gripper Design, Development: Four Trends You Need to Know
Safety standards, third-party certifications, plug-and-play packages and new sensor technology for grippers designed for collaborative robots are making them safer, stronger and easier to use.

Schunk Vero-S Aviation

Clamping Line Accommodates Large Aerospace Parts
The Schunk Vero-S Aviation product line clamps large parts accurately, enables the parts to be moved, and establishes data points through four modules.

Schunk UVB-HS soft chuck jaws

Jaws Increase Efficiency in Finish Machining
The jaw design of Schunk’s UVB-HS soft chuck jaws provides efficient gripping for lathe workholding. 

Schunk Vero-S WDB modular clamping system

Modular Clamping System Accommodates Freely Molded Parts
The Schunk Vero-S WDB modular clamping system provides the efficiency levels of the Vero-S quick-change pallet system to machine directly clamped workpieces.

Manual chuck

Lightweight Chuck Enables Machining of Heavy Workpieces
The Rota-S Flex from Schunk is a flexible manual chuck for machining a variety of workpieces on milling and turning machines.

LoadAssistant from Halter

An Automation System for a Job Shop Environment
A flexible robotic part-loading and unloading system enables a small Indiana shop to boost production without a large investment.


Toolholder Damps Vibration, Reducing Wear
The Tendo Platinum toolholder from Schunk is designed for durability, ease of use and precision for many milling, drilling and reaming applications.

Schunk groundbreaking

Manufacturing News of Note: September 2017
Schunk to add square footage and jobs to its U.S. headquarters, a pre-apprenticeship program for women commences 11 graduates, and other industry news.

breaking ground at Schunk's U.S. headquarters

Schunk USA Breaks Ground on Headquarters Expansion
The two phases of the project will add some 19,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 22,000 square feet of tech center, training and office space by the end of 2018, expanding what is already the company’s largest facility outside of Germany.

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Actuators, Hydraulic & Pneumatic
All Other Workpiece Handling, Loading & Feeding Equipment not specified
Arbors (for Cutters)
Arbors, Expandable Workholding
Automated Pallet Systems
Chuck Jaws & Collets
Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
Chucks, Gear
Chucks, Jaw Type
Chucks, Magnetic
Chucks, Power
Chucks, Precision
Chucks, Self-Contained
Chucks, Special
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
Collets, Solid & Master
Conveyors & Other Part Handling Automation
Drill Chucks
Fixturing Systems
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment
Lathes, Manual
Lifting & Positioning Equipment
Linear Guides
Linear Servo Motors
Magnets & Magnetic Devices of all Kinds
Nano & Micro Machining Equipment
Pallet Changers - Automatic
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Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
Press Automation Devices
Press Feeds & Loading Equipment
Robot Tooling/Grippers
Rotary Servo Motors
Steady Rests
Tool Presetters
Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change
Vises & Vise Jaws
Workholding, Custom

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